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Allow me to introduce you to my healthy version of millionaires shortbread.  My version of millionaires shortbread are refined sugar free, dairy free and gluten free. Now that doesn’t sound great but hold on – eating healthy doesn’t mean we have to give up the pleasures of life. These are just as insanely delicious, are a much healthier version of traditional millionaires shortbread and is a great treat that we should not feel guilty about…



They are quick and easy to make and you will have most of the ingredients lying around at home (OK, not lying around but kept in your pantry cupboards). They keep for a long time, both in the freezer and in the fridge, which is handy as you can easily whip some up and then have snacks for the week – if they don’t get devoured immediately. If you’re feeling generous, make some for your friends but don’t tell them – just in case you eat them all up yourself!

I’ve been playing around a lot with different bases for different tarts and cheesecakes and I love the fact this base isn’t made of flour and instead uses nuts and a bit if gluten-free oats. It’s mild in flavour and not overpowering as nut butter bases go and did I mention it’s delicious!

The caramel layer is somewhat different and not what you would generally expect. Hey, in this type of environment, we have to be open to having different types of foods. I’ve decided to use dates as my main source of caramel – yes, you read right, dates! Packed with good carbs and fibre to boot, unprocessed and full of wholesome goodness offering an alternative to honey and or caramel.


This recipe will make about 25 squares (25cm x 25cm baking pan):


Base layer:

250g roasted peanuts

50g gluten free oats

15ml melted virgin coconut oil

1/4 teaspoon fine sea salt

25g date paste


Salted Caramel Layer:

250g date paste

1/4 teaspoon fine sea salt

15ml melted virgin coconut oil


Chocolate layer

70g unsweetened cocoa powder

125ml melted virgin coconut oil

30g almond butter

25g date paste



First things first. Prepare a tin by lining it with baking parchment. (Cling film will do)


To make the date paste we simply pop the soft dates in a food processor and blend well until you get a spreadable gorgeous looking paste. This should only take a minute or so. (NOTE: blend all the dates together as we need the date paste for the other aspects of the recipe) If you cannot get soft dates, then soften block dates in the microwave and add water to the blending stage until the dates resemble a soft paste.


Now, add the oats to the cleaned food processor and blend until you have a fine oat flour.  This should just take a couple of minutes.  Pop the roasted peanuts, salt and date paste and blend very briefly, just so it’s all mixed and you get the consistency of a rough flour. Do not blend the mixture for too long – if we wanted peanut butter, would have just left the oats out! Rather pulse the mixture until you get the consistency required.


Tip the mixture into the lined tin and then flatten it down as best you can.


I simply put this in the freezer to cool down whilst I can get on with the other layers in the meantime.


To make the salted caramel layer simply pop the date paste, coconut oil and sea salt in the cleaned food processor and blend well. Pour this over the cooled base mixture and then pop the whole thing back in the freezer.


Now get on with the homemade chocolate topping.  Mix the cocoa powder, almond butter, date paste together with the melted coconut oil.  Give it a good stir, so that’s all mixed together (you can heat it gently if it needs a helping hand).  Then carefully pour over the salted caramel layer. Move the pan side to side to ensure an even coat of the chocolate layer. Then leave to set for about an hour or so in the freezer.


Once ready, cut into chunks and devour.



Macros per 1/25 serving:

3.5g protein

8.5g carbs

11g fat

2.5g fibre

154 Calories

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