The show was well managed and run and we didn’t end too late which is always refreshing. I will say that i was a bit disappointed in the depth of the line-ups compared to the SSN  I had been to the previous week and the Gauteng Central Provincials the following week Gauteng North had mainly a few standout athletes and smaller line-ups.


Ladies Jnr Fitness Bikini 23 years (One Line up)


1st Therese Kruger

2nd Chanel Erwee

3rd Kyla Harris

My Overall Opinion

This line-up for me was a bit confusing for me. There were different body types on stage and in the end this was about judges preference for me. Personally I would have gone with 2nd place Chanel Erwee for first and placed the 4th place girl higher. In the junior girls classes none of these girls lack confidence (something to do with the selfie nation perhaps?) but sometimes that doesn’t translate into stage presence. Though I think this has more to do with any athletes growing and maturing process as people more than training and looks.  



Ladies Beach Bikini under 163cm (GNP)

1st Tanya Snyman
Tanya Snyman presented more as well carried and classy sort of women.

2nd Zinja Campher

Zinja Campher has a more of a “I’m too sexy for this bikini” kind of attitude to her. She has sass and quite confidence. I feel that she could work a lot more on the glute and upper leg region to bring more shape to her lower body

3rd Angelique Erasmus

Angelique seems to have a good base to work from with more mass and shape in her lower body than both the first place girls. Things that may have cost her though included not having either enough of a tan or any tan which I think hid some lines that could have been advantageous to her placing

My Overall Opinion

The top 3 in this class showed similar body make up in the upper body region, so for me this was more about distinguishing them on the strength of their lower body as well as the less tangible criteria such as confidence, presence and personality.



Ladies Fitness Bikini over 35 years (GNP)

1st Dalene Crossen and Women’s Fitness Bikini Overall Winner GNP

I have not used this word as yet in my blog for fear of it being interpreted as disrespectful but I feel I should use it here. Dalene is quite frankly a cougar on stage. Not that I am a spring chicken.

Dalene was not only had attitude and a sexy look on stage but her inner and outer thigh development as well as glutes on the rear poses stood out definitively and thoroughly impressed me. Add to that the presence and sass of a woman who seems to know she’s still got it and it was no wonder she placed 1st.

2nd Juanita Kilian

Juanita has good proportions but was simply out classed by Dalene in this line-up. A bit more smiling and giving more of herself to the audience could help her out and I would be remiss if I left out leg and glute development.
3rd Philna da Silva

Philna has an amazing body. She is a dynamite comes in small packages kind of woman on stage. Power, confidence and a strut that won’t quit, are among her strong points.

I think she would have been penalised though for being too lean for criteria here.



Ladies Fitness Bikini under 163cm (GNP)

1st Cecile Swart

Cecile stood out for me from the line-up and was the obvious winner. I felt the other girls could have done with a lot more confidence on stage.

2nd Marjorina Bruyns

Marjorina seemed really shy on stage. I’m not sure if this is what she wanted to portray but that’s how she came across. I would like to see her looking more comfortable and relaxed in her walk and on stage.       

3rd Anelda Janse v Rensburg

Anelda placed 3rd due to her body structure in my opinion. A slightly wider waist and slightly bigger build seemed to be less advantageous against the smaller more petite girls on the night.



Ladies Fitness Bikini over 163cm (GNP)

1st Cassandré de Jager

Cassandras taller, more slender figure gave her an advantage. She was well presented and polished looking on stage. All areas were firm with seemingly the right amount of tone built in to give her the top spot.
2nd Anja Retief

Anja was rather pleasant to watch on stage with a decent package on stage to boot. She certainly looked as though she had fun up on stage with her wide smile and energetic nature.

3rd Nedine Alberts

Nedine seemed extremely shy on stage. I would like to see her with her hair a bit more out of her face since it looked as though she was hiding behind it a little. Physique wise I think her being less muscular than the 4th placed competitor actually got her the 3rd placing.



Womans Fitness (GNP)

1st Amanda Janse van Vuuren

Amanda was bouncy energetic and kept us entertained with her routine. She had a good balance of gymnastic movements as well as showing strength and flexibility throughout. Her routine was well choreographed and executed. 


Ladies Body Fitness Under 163cm (GNP)

This line-up confused me a so I am going to refer to the judging criteria here to guide me. The rules state the following:

“The physique will be assessed on the overall level of muscle tone, achieved through athletic, sporting or training endeavours.

The shoulder area must have a V-taper into the waist, the abdominal wall must be visible with the development of the thighs being consistent down to the knee with no deep separation and striation, and this will also include the quadriceps area as well.

Calves need to be in proportion to the thighs, the hamstring needs to be in proportion to the thigh with no deep striations. This in relation to the torso will create a balanced symmetrically developed proportional physique.

The muscle groups should have a round and firm appearance with a small amount of body fat. The physique should neither be excessively muscular nor excessively lean and should be free from deep muscle separation and /or striations.

Physiques that are considered either too muscular or too lean must be marked down.”

1st Zelda van Veenhuyzen and 2nd Michelle Alberts

So when I first saw this line-up I can honestly say Michelle looked best in the line-up for me. Personally I feel she met the above rules quite well. The judges are reminded in the rules that this is not a bodybuilding contest so striation and deep separation is not allowed. These two were called back out for a second time on the evening to make sure of the scoring.

I have to say though I still don’t agree with the judging outcome. Though Zelda showed less definition I felt that the V-Taper was lacking in her physique compared to Michelle. Generally Michelle carried her look better with more comfort and poise during her walk and posing.

Michelle’s calves I can say could be seen as a bit of a weak point compared to Zelda. Overall a judge may tell me that Michelle was too hard or separated but I didn’t feel that was the case on the night. Yes she was a lot more defined than Zelda with even a striation here and there but I don’t think she was that much more defined so as to be bordering on a bodybuilding physique.

What was even more confusing was that in the taller class 1st place was granted to Louise Scholtz who had similar conditioning to Michelle.

3rd Sandy Greeff

I think Sandy lacks the structure here for the V-Taper without having to put on a lot of mass to achieve it. Though she looked great on stage compared to both Zelda and Michelle she wasn’t as aesthetic.



Ladies Body Fitness Over 163cm (GNP)

1st Louise Scholtz

For me this judgement call was spot on. From what I have seen in other parts of the country and at other shows the Body fitness category could be represented by Louise.

Beautifully sculpted, she carried herself well and dominated this stage.

2nd Ilse Uys

Ilse had similar structural issues as Zelda and Sandy in the shorter class. A wider waist gave a bulkier appearance which I felt cost her.



Jnr Men under 23 years – under 75Kg (GNP) No image available

1st Nhlanhla Noel Phakathi
Noel was actually the polar opposite of his second place competitor and since there were only 2 in this line-up he was the natural winner.

That being said I think that he did a great job. He was well conditioned, hard and striated and was the clear winner in this class

2nd Conny Mashilo

Conny made the classic mistake of entering a bodybuilding show with not enough muscle. Normaly I play the who forgot to cut game but I think I may have to start playing the who forgot to bulk game. I am seeing 1 or 2 guys at most shows I go to that thought because they are lean and skinny that this qualifies as a bodybuilder. The word bodybuilder implies that you should have some mass on your frame.


Jnr Men under 23 years – over 75Kg(GNP)

1st Lendo Greyling
Lendo could be a top contender for Junior National Champ this year. He has a well put together physique and Coach Hennie Kotze certainly seemed to have him dialled in on the night. He stood head and shoulders above the rest of the pack at these provincials.

One thing I noted was that Lendo had stunning looking serratus. They wrapped forward on to his torso like clearly defined fingers. Something you don’t see a lot of these days in bodybuilding since not a lot of guys either develop them or they are overshadowed by the mass of muscle around them. Again a bit more width to enhance his taper against his strong legs would help in future.

2nd Michal Oosthuizen and 3rd Justin Abouchabki

Both these contenders were a bit soft on the night. Michal had a decent structure and width on Lendo but conditioning, conditioning, conditioning.



Mens Classic Bodybuilding up to 175cms (GNP)

1st Norman Brits

Norman outclassed his competitors in this class with his conditioning. An Armand Fourie athlete it seemed that had hit it spot on. He was separated, feathered and hard looking on the night.

A bit more leg mass could help here but my main point of criticism is his posing. You are scored in Classic bodybuilding on your posing so this more than any class means that you need to be polished and practiced in your posing, where for me it seemed Norman was lacking.

2nd Armand Bronkhorst
Armand was softer than Norman for sure, but what I felt really didn’t help him out were his tattoos and not having a dark enough tan to hide them. There are guys who have tattoos in the sport but seem to go with a darker tan to help hide them.

In this case Armand had a lighter tan which I felt actually blocked out a lot of definition we might have been able to see. In the end he didn’t look as hard as Norman which cost him.

3rd Ludwiche Van Deventer

Ludwig had the best posing on the night and could have definitely placed higher had he been harder and dryer.



Masters over 40  (GNP)

1st Japie Van Wyk

I actually think Japie could have competed in the open class bodybuilding, he looked that good. Full, hard, tight, separated and matured muscle gave him a great look on the night with a balanced and symmetrical physique he owned this class.

2nd Ryno Greeff

Ryno was hard and really well conditioned. A bit of balance issues with legs that could have been bigger to help with quite wide shoulders and back would have made all the difference.
3rd Janie Froneman

Janie carried a fair bit of bulk into the line-up and had he had the conditioning of Japie he would have really challenged Japie for first. Overall though he was a bit soft and smooth looking.



Masters over 50 (GNP)

1st Anthony Green
2nd Gerhardt Rathbone

My Overall Opinion

I have to admire the men in these classes. I always wonder to myself if I will still be bodybuilding at this age which I certainly hope that I will be. Anthony looked best on the night with an overall tighter look which helped him pick up first place.



Mens Athletic Physique under 174cm (GNP)

1st Peet Erasmus

2nd Jaysone van der Merwe

My Overall Opinion

Peet took the class easily in my opinion. He showed a lot more confidence on stage and also had the leaner more shapely physique.



Mens Athletic Physique over 174cm (GNP)

1st Donovan Suddes
Donovan brought a look to stage that was just that much better than his counterparts. He had a great looking physique which was well balanced with the best stage presence and a quiet confidence on the night which gave him the top spot

2nd Xabiso Mgidlana
I thought Xabi was a strong contender for 1st place actually. He had great proportions and a strong waist which was smaller than any of the other competitors. Perhaps he could have sold himself more to the judges on the night to get the top spot.

3rd Clinton Crouse

Clinton was the tallest of class but he has filled his frame out pretty well for his height. Against guys who were more aesthetically pleasing though unfortunately I think he had a hard time. He did have great condition, confidence and presence for the class though.



Senior Men up to 65Kg (GNP)

1st Peter Mathibela

2nd Kgothatso Masilela

3rd Sechabe Mlangeni

My Overall Opinion

There was no question of who the winner was in this class. Peter simply beat everyone else by quite a margin since most of the other athletes just either weren’t carrying enough muscle mass or just not conditioned enough to compete against him. More homework required from the competition methinks.



Senior Men up to 70Kg (GNP)

1st Seleke Lehlohonolo

2nd Robert Sibaya

3rd Johannes Mnguni

My Overall Opinion

Seleke had the tightest body in this line-up. I quite liked the lines his body presented which actually looked classic in nature. He was striated in the right places on his poses and this set him apart from the 2nd and 3rd place competitors who looked as though they were holding a bit of water on the day.



Senior Men up to 75Kg (GNP)

1st Marius Botha

2nd Clive van Niekerk

3rd Itumeleng Dikoko

My Overall Opinion

This class was clear cut and simple for me. Marius had the best physique on the night in regard to balance condition and symmetry. The rest of the line-up was a bit too soft to compete.



Senior Men up to 80Kg (GNP)

1st Muzi Maluleka (Overall Winner)

2nd Jonathan Koeberg

3rd Piet Segooa

My Overall Opinion

Muzi outclassed everyone else in this line-up. Full, thick, sliced and diced on the night. I can tell you that second place man Jonathan wasn’t that bad looking as far as what he presented on stage but against an experienced competitor like Muzi it was never going to be enough.

A point of concern here though was that Muzi had a serious gut which he managed to keep tight most, but not all the time. This is actually something I am seeing more and more amongst older male bodybuilders these days. I sincerely hope we can align our judging in this country so as to not reward the gut as it is in the US from these early days of it appearing on our stages.



Senior Men up to 85Kg (GNP)

Ok so apparently there was some controversy around this line-up a week before at the HnH. I wasn’t at the HnH, but I’m going to give it to you straight and honestly since I value you as a reader and I hope to maintain my integrity as a sport commentator. So here is the truth.

1st Johnny Lucas

Johnny was the most conditioned, hardest, driest and most separated guy on stage on this day. His weak points are his posing and perhaps structure(not that I consider him to be SAs version of Flex Lewis bad structure), which is not really a weak point but rather genetics.

He was a clear winner for me of this line-up on the day.

2nd Johan Boshoff

Where Johan had an advantage over Johnny is structurally he is more appealing. Broader shoulders, hanging lats and a beautifully balanced physique which to be honest was one of the best looking on stage with regard to aesthetics.

BUT, unfortunately he was soft on the day, which I know is uncharacteristic for him since whenever you think about Bossie competing, you look forward to seeing hard grainy muscle to ogle at.

3rd Charles Luck

I had seen Charles at the Rossi Grand Prix earlier this year and I have to say he was better at that show than he was at these provincials. Nevertheless he is a great poser and entertainer so I enjoy watching him.

I would like to see him at his best again against this level of competition.



Senior Men up to 90Kg (GNP)

1st Bheki Mbata

2nd Machiel Grobler

3rd Gerrit Pretorius 

My Overall Opinion

Bheki had the best physique in this class. The rest of the competitors weren’t hard or lean enough to make an impact on his placing.



Senior Men up to 95Kg (GNP) No line-up


Senior Men under 100Kg (GNP)

1st Roelof Coertze

2nd Jacques Müller

3rd Braam Smith

My Overall Opinion

As with many heavier classes I have seen this year the guys seem to chase weight when competing. As a result it makes it a lot harder when trying to get as lean, dry and hard as possible.

Roelof had the best package and conditioning on the night with the 2nd and 3rd place competitors just not getting it right to push him or make it interesting.



Senior Men over 100Kg (GNP) No Line-up





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