The quality and depth of the line-ups at Gauteng Central was markedly better than Gauteng North with more closely matched competitors.

On a side not the running of the show was great I just had one issue though. Most years that I have attended the comp it has been held at the Blairgowrie Rec Centre. I think it is time to move it to a more secure location. There was an abundance of security in the venue ensuring that no athletes could get in to watch their friends etc as they always do but the security outside was non existent. In a venue  that is too small to provide enough secure parking I felt the security provided inside could have been provided outside as well.

I say this since my wife was forced to park around the corner in the street and when she returned to her car alone after the show it had been stolen. On calling my tracking company it seemed that the car had just been stolen so I shudder to think what would have happened had she left just a few minutes earlier to get to the car.

This is not the first time I have been at this event for a bodybuilding event and each time I have been there, there has been one unfortunate soul who’s car had been stolen. This time it seemed it was my misfortune.


To the results though.

Ladies Jnr Fitness Bikini 23 years (One Line up) GCP

1st Bianca Gomes

With only one athlete in this line-up there are no comparisons, but Bianca has confidence in bucket loads as well as energy and presence on stage.  Body wise I wonder if she wasn’t a bit too lean for the class with quite a few visible abs.



Ladies Beach Bikini under 163cm (GCP)

1st Anesca Gouws

I’ll tell you something ladies and gents. I normally don’t say out loud who I think are serious contenders but for me Anesca is probably in my opinion is a top contender for 1st place at nationals this year in this class.

Absolutely stunning looks coupled with a beautifully balanced and natural healthy looking body set her apart from her competitors in this class. Make-up that flattered her look and poise and confidence on stage helped her nail this placing.

Let’s see how good my eye has become on this one at nationals this coming weekend hey.

2nd Shannon Cooke

Body wise Shannon has a few places to improve on to balance out a bit. Her calves (Yes I know they are crazy difficult to grow) should be brought up to assist in a more balanced look for her lower body and a slight bit more shape in her shoulder region to help with her slightly bigger waist (I’m not saying she has a wide waist, but when she stands next to a competitor like Anesca who’s waist is tiny you notice it).

Though there may be body improvements required for Shannon her bubbly and energetic walk and personality on stage were definite plusses and went a long way in selling her for a good placing.

3rd Katherine Valkenberg

Katherine was the most muscular of the girls on stage this night. She actually has a really well balanced physique and I would actually recommend her moving to the Body Fitness class to take full advantage of her muscularity. A bit of leaning up and conditioning and she would show great in the more muscular class.

Her look on stage is that of “Too hot to handle” which I feel really works with for her. She’s the girl that will shoot you down with just a look but you would be happy about it because at least you got her to look at you!  Right?? (Hey I was the quiet weirdo eating my peanut butter and jam sandwiches in a corner in school ok)


Ladies Beach Bikini over 163cm (GCP)

1st Leanna Viviers

Having seen Leanna on many occasions on the competitive circuit I can tell you I know hwat to expect from her but also I know when she will be pushed to be beaten in a class. On the night it was not to be, she meets the beach bikini criteria really well and the way she carries herself is as classy as ever.

2nd Julie Fowler

This was Julies first time competing and I have to say I was quite impressed. Her body was close to the mark but I felt she could have given us more in terms of personality on stage. Perhaps due to nerves on her first time out this affected her. All in all a second place on your first try at provincials is not bad at all especially when you’re up against someone like Leanna.

3rd Izelle van Niekerk

Izelle was confident on stage and presented well. I would say she needs a bit more leg and glute work to top off her physique and also a far darker tan to not get washed out under the lights.



Ladies Fitness Bikini over 35 years (GCP)

1st Nicci Landman

I loved Nicci’s energy on stage. As a complete package in the line-up I think she had the most balanced physique. When it was announced that she took 1st I saw a reaction which I have not seen since Shannon Atkinson won at the Olympia. Sheer uninhibited joy with a beautiful smile showing her passion for the sport and what she had just unexpectedly achieved.

She was refreshing to say the least.

2nd Anelien Schamulian

Aneline’s physique and stage presence put her in contention for the top spot but there were places I felt her height was not advantageous. Namely her legs and glutes which I felt could have been a bit fuller.

While she is a beautiful woman and has a great smile I got a bit of a reserved feel from her on stage.

3rd Helene McGinn

Helene’s physique could have gotten her second in my opinion. A Little shorter than the other 2 girls but maintained the proportions for her height. Though from what I have seen from judging so far I might argue that she had a bit too much muscle in the upper body region so appeared a bit heavier than the top 2.



Ladies Fitness Bikini under 163cm (GCP)

1st Genevieve Fernandes

Aaah Genevieve! (Just saying that because I love the name and the way it rolls of your tongue). But I could honestly say that I loved watching Genevieve up on stage and if she is anything like her name i.e. smooth, flowing and has a certain “je ne sais quoi” about her. (Yes I know I just used a French word to describe a possibly Portuguese girl) but the way she carried and presented herself on the night was representative of the meaning of said word – That little something; a quality that eludes description – See what I mean?

She hid her smile just enough to make me want to tell her to smile more and drew you in when t-walking. Body wise she is well balanced and would really like to see how she does at SAs this week against the top girls in the country.

2nd Christi Theron

Christi seemed the most reserved of the top 3 but her body did show some decent flowing lines. Perhaps a bit too much ab being displayed on the night and a more muscular squarer shoulder line cost her a better placing.

3rd Tanya De Lange

Though I did feel that Genevieve took the class as per the judges, I also feel that Tanya did push her for that first spot purely on her personality and stage presence. Overall though there were a few points you could say that she lost out to Genevieve namely with the balance between upper and lower body.



Ladies Fitness Bikini over 163cm (GCP)

1st Bronwen Fritz

Bronwen has fast become one of the top fitness bikini girls in Gauteng. She is well proportioned and balanced. From when I saw her last on stage at the Africa Olympia she has made some improvements to her physique namely the glutes legs and calves. It’s actually amazing the difference a great looking calf makes to a girls physique and I think with the help of BTD and Carlos, Bronwen has brought up her lower body admirably.

2nd Zea Meyer

Zea presented well but I would say she was perhaps carrying too much muscle for the judges liking in the upper body. She has a thicker back and chest than Bronwen which rounds out the shoulders a bit. I would like to see them pulled back so that her physique could be a bit more open to give it slightly more defined lines.

3rd Wourine Brink

Wourine had a great stage presence but her height was most likely a contributing factor towards her not getting a higher placing. Against the slightly shorter girls who looked like they filled their frames and balanced out that much better.



Womans Fitness (GCP)

1st Sandra Bosman

I felt that Sandra’s routine was decently choreographed but her aerial moves when jumping lacked a bit of height to make the move look well executed. She entertained though with upbeat music and lively execution.



Men’s Fitness (GCP)

1st Evern van Niekerk

Men’s Fitness is a category that I think has a lot of potential for growth since guys are into calisthenics more than ever these days. The IFBB should aggressively market this class to the masses in my opinion. So big-ups firstly to guys like Evern keeping it alive in the federation.

I had seen Evern at the Rossi Grand Prix earlier this year. In my opinion physique wise he was in better shape back then. Routine wise this time though I felt he was better. He made great use of the stage and entertain with some power moves that were well choreographed to his music. HE expresses his creativity well through movement so I am looking forward to seeing him go up against other competitors if he will be at nationals this coming weekend.



Ladies Body Fitness Under 163cm (GCP)

1st Michelle Tromp(Guest) and 2nd Marelize Stander

These 2 ladies in my opinion were quite close. But in the end one could argue that Marelize was beaten here by an athlete that managed to maintain a smaller waist as well as not gain too much muscle and come in too conditioned.

When I look at the judging criteria from both regions I have to say, that Michelle for me meets the criteria the closest in this height division.

3rd Odette de Winnaar

I think that had Odette competed in Gauteng North she would have had a better chance since they were penalising competitors in this region for carrying extra condition. I think she perhaps had a bit too much mass for this division on this stage which made her lose out to the top 2



Ladies Body Fitness Over 163cm (GCP)

1st Mel Knoetze

2nd Lani Butler

My Overall Opinion

This class provided shock and a bit of entertainment on the night. The entire crowd including myself thought that Lani was going to take first. Mel seemed perhaps overly dehydrated or something since she missed poses or did quarter turns in the incorrect direction. When the winner was announced Mel was as surprised as the rest of us that she had won since Lani seemed to have a slightly better prepared physique. That said I would say that structurally Mel had the advantage so perhaps the judges went with her for this reason.

After announcing Mel as the 1st place winner she proceeded to do a T-walk and posing on the stage. I was half expecting security or someone to ask her to step of stage but I think she got off just in time. I’m not sure what the issue was here. As we know competitors put themselves through a lot getting ready for stage and I put it down to perhaps extreme dehydration or something.



Ladies Physique (GCP)

1st Tersia Benson

Tersia was the stand-out competitor in this class. She had great leg development and shape to her body and was pretty well conditioned on the day. She was also hardest on stage on the day.

One crit I would have was to try and build a little more lat width to enhance her taper since she has pretty dominant surrounding muscle groups.

2nd Zelda van Greunen

Zelda could have pushed Tersia had her condition been better. My notes state that she had the best taper in class and great proportions as well as delts. But against an in form Tersia she would struggle to place higher.

3rd Evadia Calitz

Evadia unfortunately has less shoulder width than the top 2 competitors, and I felt she was a bit overpowered by the wider top 2. That coupled with a bit of a rounded posture caused her to not place higher against the other girls. Her conditioning was not bad.

I would recommend trying to open up her shoulders so as to give us more of an illusion of width and taper.



Jnr Men under 23 years – under 75Kg (GCP)

1st Devin Stewart

I’m sure Devin weighed in lighter second place Alain. But his well-prepared physique gave him a clear advantage. First and second place was a matter mass versus condition and condition won out. Devin may not have the structure of Alain but he most certainly looked a fair bit harder and well detailed on the day. Great to see in the junior line-up.

I would like to Devin widen himself in coming years and thicken up his back. He has strong legs for his weigh category and a more developed upper body would go a long way as he gets older.

2nd Alain Sauls

As mentioned in Devin’s review Alain has great structure and if he came in spot on with Devin’s conditioning he would be hard to beat in this class. Unfortunately on the night he was a bit smooth looking next to a solid looking Devin.

3rd Hennie Le Roux

Hennie could do with a bit more time to build his physique a bit. He was slightly taller than the first 2 guys in this category which made him look a lot less balanced and full.



Jnr Men under 23 years – over 75Kg(GCP)

1st Sechaba Mathews

The first and second places in this line-up to me ended up being close. Once again this was a matter of structure and complete package versus slightly better condition. Sechaba I hope you’re reading this and please remember to tan for prejudging. You looked like a different bodybuilder in the night show with tan as opposed to the prejudging without.

2nd Albert Le Roux

If I had to choose the winner in this class based on conditioning Albert would have won it for me. He was hard, dry and well-conditioned. As mentioned above structurally he is not as blessed as Sechaba and Shaheen so in future I think he should make himself as wide as possible to try hide his slightly wider waist.

3rd Shaheen Moosa
Shaheen has a great structure and X-Frame going for him but sadly on the night he seemed to miss condition coming in smooth and a bit watery. A point of concern is his posing fitness. I have emphasised this to juniors in past blogs that your posing is vital and shows off all your wares. IF you cannot show properly or pose through the posing rounds what is the use of building all that muscle mass.



Junior Classic Bodybuilding (GCP)

1st Arshaad Cajee

Arshaad has a great physique for such a young competitor getting on stage at 17 years old. He was definitely full but I felt I would like to see him a lot dryer and harder. I have said before that to me classic bodybuilding is all about conditioning.

Striations and separation should punctuate your physique along with solid hard looking muscle. For reference check out images of Joe Manjoo to know what you should be shooting for.

That being said at 17 this young man could have a bright future ahead. He has some great thickness but I think some width would serve him well and a bit more creative posing.



Mens Classic Bodybuilding over 175cms (GCP Senior Classic Bodybuilding)

1st Edward Jackson

Edward had the best look on the night to meet a classic bodybuilding criteria from his line-up. Though I have to say that if it was up to me I would have placed 3rd place Pieter higher purely based on his conditioning.

Edward in the end had a better structure but for my liking was a bit smooth.

2nd Foster Mkhabele

I had seen Foster on the WBFF stage earlier this year and I can tell you he has the potential to bring a really good solid looking physique. Sadly on this night he as off his game as he wasn’t as conditioned and hard as I had previously seen him.

Hopefully there is a plan for Nationals.

3rd Pieter Janse van Rensberg

Pieter was definitely the hardest on stage in this class on the night. I think he was at a clear disadvantage though because there was only one line-up with no under 175cms available on the night. Had there been a shorter class I’m pretty sure he would have placed well.


Masters over 40  (GCP)

1st Lance Jacobsen

2nd Aubrey Jamneck

My Overall Opinion

Lance was in great shape coming in hard and well-conditioned. I felt that his waist was a bit wide which took away from his aesthetic though. Aubrey needed to be a lot dryer and harder to be able to compete with him on the night



Masters over 50 (GCP)

1st Arthur Verrall

2nd Stephan Molete

My Overall Opinion

As with the GNP class admiration all round. Arthur came in a fair bit harder and leaner than Stephan, which made him the natural choice in this class.



Mens Athletic Physique under 174cm (GCP)

1st Dave Shanley

Dave has the beach boy look down perfectly. I wondered how a guy who looked so comfortable in board shorts could be from Johannesburg so on further investigation it all made sense when I found out he was originally from Durban. He was well put together and as a package he was the obvious choice.

I would like to see more separation in his abs though since this is a trait of top level physique athletes.

2nd Jaco Niemand

Jaco sported a great smile and stage presence. Compared to Dave I would say he wasn’t actually that far off. A stronger more defined mid-section definitely helped him stand out in the class as well as loads of confidence on stage

3rd Dillan Bennett

I felt Dillan’s body type didn’t lend itself to the physique class. He has a heavy structure and wide waist which may serve him better in the bodybuilding classes.



Mens Athletic Physique over 174cm (GCP)

The judging in this class confused me but nevertheless here is what I thought. Just when I thought I was learning what the judges wanted I am thrown off by this result.

1st Adrian Brown

Adrian was not a stand out competitor for me on the night. I felt he was too soft at prejudging and the guy sitting next to me also commented that he was confused by the result since at the night show he had softened even more. He has a heavy set physique and large bone structure which I felt was not representative of the judging I have seen at other shows I have been to. He did have the best posing though in the class.

2nd Jonty van der Merwe

While Jonty looked really great on the night but I have seen guys with as much muscle mass as he has place lower due to the amount of bulk they carry. Once again I am confused by the inconsistencies I see in this class in judging across different regions and shows.

I would actually recommend that Jonty moved to classic bodybuilding or full bodybuilding where is physique can be better appreciated.

3rd Ali Sultan

If I had to do scoring on the night I actually would have placed Ali higher. Against the competition I saw on stage I felt he best represented the criteria for an athletic physique athlete. With the other guys being either too muscular or not being lean enough. Once again even the gentleman next to me remarked that he thought “This guy should have placed higher”. That’s bodybuilding though right.

Ali could work on a bit more width in his upper body. His back is his strength with a smallish waist and decent taper. I would definitely like to see him give a lot more of his personality and be a bit more relaxed and energetic on stage.



Senior Men up to 65Kg (GCP)

Ok I am going to put down a disclaimer before I mete out opinion on this one. I know Mohseen Patel and Lushen Narainsamy but in no way is what you about to read an indication of influence of that personal relationship.

1st Mohseen Patel

If there is a giant killer to look out for this year at SAs I’m going to say it is Mohseen. Truth be told he was the most conditioned, hard and separated athlete I have seen this whole year. And yes I am saying this even having seen Sazi at the SSN Universe in great condition where he took the overall title. I knew there would be trouble from the time I glimpsed him weighing in. The man hadn’t even hit a pose yet and his Christmas tree was showing. What confirmed my suspicions that my eyes or heart weren’t deceiving me was that the tannie behind me exclaimed “Jusse nommer het darem mooi spiertjies ne!” and she didn’t even know him.

There was no one who could touch him regarding condition in this entire show in my opinion. The only thing I could fault him on developmentally was perhaps that he could have slightly larger legs to balance out an already pretty balanced physique.

2nd Frans Hloi

Frans has a well balanced physique but on the night it was just his misfortune to be in a line-up against Mohseen who could have made a rock look soft.

3rd Lushen Narainsamy

Lushen unfortunately was a bit soft on the night but he does have a well a balanced and aesthetically pleasing physique. A tighter waist than the shorter Frans made him a strong contender for second which I think he was beaten for by Frans due to his lack of hardness and dryness on the night.



Senior Men up to 70Kg (GCP)

1st Alain Nji

2nd Angelo Tursini

3rd Freddy Nyakula

My Overall Opinion

This class came down to condition. I actually felt like 2nd place Angelo had a really well-balanced physique with mass in all the right places especially his insane upper legs and calves. But both he and 3rd placed man Freddy lacked the condition to challenge a albeit slightly harder and dryer Alain on the night.



Senior Men up to 75Kg (GCP)

1st Morne van der Berg

2nd Radley Eckersley

3rd Luthando Kaka

My Overall Opinion

Again a clear class winner here. Morne had the best condition on the night but also a pretty well balanced physique to be honest. He was impressive all round and I couldn’t fault him on much. Talking with guys that have seen him in previous years though I was told that he has come in harder before so let’s see what he has for us at SAs.



Senior Men up to 80Kg (GCP)

1st Marc Krom

Marc packs quite a bit of muscle on his short frame. He has full muscle bellies and was actually in decent condition on the night. I would like to see him dryer though at nationals since I believe that his line-up is going to be a really competitive one. He still carried good condition into the night show with well matured and separated muscle groups and striated glutes and various other muscle.



Senior Men up to 85Kg (GCP)

1st George Herwill (Overall Winner)

George was clearly the best in this line-up. He has wide lats and shoulders tapering to a nice tight waist. Well-developed round quads with proportionate hanging hammies and topped off my good calves. He was hardest in his line-up as well as well separated and conditioned.

2nd Charles Mazibuko

I dream of the day when I will see Charles in the condition when I first saw him on stage. He was absolutely insanely conditioned and there was no question on that night as to who was the best athlete on stage. On this day though he was just not hard and dry enough to push George for first.

3rd Reuben Herbert

Reuben has a balanced physique but I felt he was, as with Charles too soft to compete with George in this line-up.



Senior Men up to 90Kg (GCP)

1st Carlos Nunes

2nd Wesley Saunders

3rd Derek Donker

My Overall Opinion

It’s always difficult coming up against Carlos in your line-up. Structurally and package wise he was the standard in SA for 7 times thus far.

Random Question: Does anyone hold as many or more SA titles as Carlos? (He could very well be our Ronnie Coleman with regard to the amount of times he has won SAs)

The guys that competed against him on the day didn’t present badly but Carlos was just that much better than them in a few aspects which got him the win. In the overalls though he did seem a bit softer against the likes of Mohseen and George. So I hope that along with coach Marius Dohne they can sort this out for SAs because when I have had the pleasure of watching Carlos 100% on, and he is great to watch.



Senior Men up to 95Kg (GCP) No image available

1st Remember Shabangu

2nd Andrew Raath

3rd Stiaan Ras

My Overall Opinion

The top 3 in this class actually had great physiques. They were all pretty full looking and well-shaped with balance and symmetry. However this came down to condition in the end. Remember was harder and dryer than the both Andrew and Stiaan which set him apart in what could have been an even closer line-up.

Stand out features on each athlete:

Remember was more aesthetically pleasing with the tightest waist.

Andrew had a great overall package and actually hardened a bit as he posed so one wonders if he had managed to get that bit dyer if he could have placed 1st.

Stiaan I noted had great abs for such a heavy competitor.




Senior Men under 100Kg (GCP) No Line-up


Senior Men over 100Kg (GCP)

1st Chi Nolyamba

Chi was the only competitor in this class. I noted that I have seen him harder before on stage not that he wasn’t well conditioned and full on the night. He has great width in his upper body but this detracts from his legs which I think he can put on a bit more mass. I am not sure what the rest of the countries 100+ guys look like but in KZN the competitors did have strong legs so we will see how it goes down at nationals when we have others to compare him to.


Mens Overall Line-up

The 2 stand-out guys on the night here were Mohseen Patel and George Herwill. It was always a 2 horsed race the moment they brought the guys out for this line-up.

To be frank and once again this statement is based on what I have seen this past year with regards to Men’s Bodybuilding this line-up was tighter than I think anyone cared to admit. Mohseen outclassed everyone on that stage with his condition. Not even George could come close. While structurally George was superior.

I would have given the win to Mohseen since for me I am yet to see such an insanely conditioned competitor. I would love to see the score sheet on this one to be honest.. like really really really love to see it because I think it was a matter of where one of these guys was marked down the other was ahead. Coupled with an electrifying atmosphere and the entire venue shaking and screaming I actually would have dreaded judging this line-up.

In the end the judges will always be the only ones who know.

Check out the YouTube Video here. It captured the emotion around this line-up quite nicely I thought though the quality of the video I can tell you does not give you a real idea of how all these athletes actually looked.

Your Brother in Iron


The Layman


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