Seeing that we are fast approaching or actually already in the festive season, I thought this would be a fitting topic as my first post.

Xmas3Whether you are a competitive athlete or someone that has made substantial progress when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle in 2015, what you do and put into your mouth can, in my opinion set you back greatly or set you apart as an athlete. Same goes for the person that has made the choice to live a healthier life.

Being in the industry and competing myself I know of many guys and girls that still train on holiday, they still follow their set meal plans. I myself am not taking a break this festive season, yes there will be rest days, but no binging, no alcohol, just my weekly cheat meal, and maybe a cheat day over Christmas Day or so. There is simply no excuse that can be validated if you are really serious about achieving your dreams and goals. I am not saying be anti-social, unfortunately as an athlete or the person making a lifestyle change, we can simply not indulge as the normal person would. The biggest thing at play here is what over indulgence, binging or whatever you want to call it does to your mental state. Some people and even athletes who have been competing for many years, struggle for weeks on end to get back in routine after doing this. So the damage is more mental and emotional than what it is physically.

The question of balance is always gonna be brought up, so I will cover that before it even arises. Remember by doing what we do, we decide to portray the image of health. So essentially this is what we need to do in order for us to make what we do seem real and achievable. Yes, by all means have your glass or two of red wine every now and then, have your cheat meal weekly, go out and have fun with your mates, BUT remember this is the life YOU chose to portray and live, so it is YOUR responsibility to do that.

Balance for you the athlete/person changing his/her lifestyle differs from that of the normal person. For us it is still being able to give those around us (family,friends, partners) the time of day and attention they need. Being able to go out and socialize with mates whilst still sticking to what we set out to do. For the normal person it really comes down to making lifestyle savvy choices when it comes to what they put into their bodies. Less sugar! Less alcohol! Less junk food! Plain and simple.

Let us not forget that South Africa has one of the highest obesity rates in the world. And there is simply no need for this baring some sort of medical condition.

So during this festive season and NOT the new year, promise yourself to make healthier and better choices for you OWN sake. Educate yourself or get a professional to help you, if you don’t know what to do.

I wish you all a blessed and prosperous festive season.

See you in 2016


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