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Hi All and Welcome to the LaymensLament!

First up the purpose of this blog is to offer what I would term an uneducated or a layman’s opinion on all things bodybuilding. I aim to attend as many shows as possible within the Gauteng, SA region as I may be privileged to. However, my posts will not be restricted to competition events. There may be an opinion piece on nutrition or training or whatever I feel I can offer an opinion on within the sphere of health, fitness and bodybuilding.

Now before you go screaming through the streets “Oh No BroScience!” A brief history of myself:

I studied Sport and Exercise Science majoring in Physiology, Anatomy, Biokenetics and Psychology and attended ETA about 11 years back. I was also employed at Virgin Active while attending Varsity. When prepping for my first show at age 20 I was involved in a motor vehicle accident which left me with a fractured C2 Vertebra. I was hospitalised for 32 days, lost 20kgs and had to learn to walk again. This put an end to my pursuit of competition and career at the gym.

I couldn’t train without pain for 6 years until I found a Physiotherapist who gave me back the ability to train with relative ease and grow again. For the last 4 years I have been training regularly but not without the residual issues of my accident. I have had to be a lot smarter about how I train and also get a lot more educated in every aspect of the sport.

So I guess you could say I’m not a true Layman. But one of my ex training partners who happened to be a bodybuilder told me something once that has stuck with me to this day. He said in his stern voice “You can’t call yourself a bodybuilder until you step on stage”. So since I have never stepped on stage I consider myself a layman. I hope through my life experience and little scientific knowledge to convey my opinions, but to be clear these are not medical opinions that you should be taking as the Gospel. Always consult you doctor or a professional when in need of advise.

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